Hello.  Steve Lemak, aka slemak, here.

I absolutely enjoy what I do… I get to capture images and express my creativity through photography. It allows me to slow down and observe the word around me as my “work-eat-work-eat-sleep-then-repeat” daily life as an IT executive needs diversions… That is, my photography is a great departure from the everyday pandemonium I willingly choose to experience.

I’ve learned that photography is the combination of quality light, excellent timing, precise technical know-how, along with a bit of luck; but more importantly, my philosophy is about keen vision with imagination & determination at its core.

With repeat business and personal referrals, a loyal following of satisfied customers have been directly responsible for the consistent growth of slemak photography. I do everything possible to satisfy my clients and I believe my work speaks for itself. I invite you to browse my blog and portfolios to view samples of my work and to see the variety of services that I offer.

Many folks have their own definition of photography. To me it is the combination of quality light, excellent timing, precise technical know-how, along with a bit of luck. I believe that successful photography (both in camera and after) is where taste and skill meet.

But more importantly my philosophy of photography is about vision with imagination & determination at its core.

I’m located just outside Philadelphia in South Jersey (NJTP Exit 2 for the locals) and since 2005 I have been providing photography services focusing on events, weddings, landscapes, and portraits. It has been an amazing time of satisfying achievements, but more importantly, many years of incredible relationships and amazing bonds.

I am a technology executive who loves that place where art and technology collide… all things photography and all things Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator!

I first picked up a camera when I was in high school, enjoying what could be created with my point-n-shoot and digital SLR cameras over the years. When studying for my Instructional Technology Masters Degree, I was introduced to the world of digital design which expanded my enjoyment of photography even further.

I’m professional, friendly, efficient, organized, and it is my goal to out perform your expectations and produce quality images you will cherish for years to come.


I shoot exclusively with the Canon EOS R5 camera bodies with the Canon 600EX-RT Speedlites always by my side.  

I use the following Canon lenses:

70-200mm RF f/2.8L
85mm f/1.2L
24-70mm f/2.8L
14mm f/2.8L

My makeshift 18′ x 11′ basement studio consists of two Alien Bees B1600 Flash Units with 32″ x 32″ soft boxes.

Page Updated: DECEMBER 2023