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First your photographer must have a strong portfolio, flexible packages, and excellent references. They must offer a friendly personality and have a creative style that you enjoy. You should feel comfortable communicating your ideas and your photographer should be willing to listen and make helpful suggestions.

Weddings are made up of special moments that create your fantastic day. SLEMAK PHOTOGRAPHY focuses on capturing natural memories during your wedding day using unobtrusive photojournalism style before and during your ceremony. Following the ceremony is time for bridal portraits, family portraits at a location of your choice. During the reception we will capture all of the highlights, group pictures, decorations, and candids. It is my goal to capture the highlights of your day, and the details that aided in the enjoyment of your wedding celebration.

You will have hundreds of pictures from your wedding because we document the day. Group pictures, details, big moments, and unexpected events.

For more insight into choosing the right wedding photographer for your wedding, click here to read the article “How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Photographer” posted by The Huffington Post’s Lifestyle/Wedding section and click here to read the article “How to Pick a Photographer” posted by MPix.Com.

Great question!

I understand clients do not want to look raw or too real in wedding or event photographs. I take pride in balancing real emotions and moments of the day but make clients look their best. You simply want an idealized memory of your day that doesn’t look forced or as if you paused for a photo to be taken.

I consider myself a photographer who simply enjoys the art of photography and digital design. Due to my 20+ years in the information technology industry, I have solid technical skills associated with exposure, lighting, composition, and Photoshop post production. My passion for photography without the stress of having it as my primary source of income makes for a great combination to allow you, the customer, to be completely comfortable knowing I will provide top service without looking to just “punch the clock”. Photography is a way for me to have an artistic outlet. I will work with you to get the images you desire.

At it’s basic level, photojournalism means “news photography.”

In recent years this term has expanded to other fields of photography as it identifies a different approach to shooting on the day of an event, like a wedding.

Back in the day, due to the limitations of equipment and film it was a very mechanical process in shooting weddings, and a lot of the events of the day would have to be staged or posed. When technology advanced and photographers began to expand creatively, it became clear that photographers were able to photograph the day in more of a “fly on the wall” point of view. by photographing the events as they unfolded rather than stopping the celebration for a formal shot. That is, authentic moments matter, and we strive to capture them.

For me personally, I and my fellow photographers at slemak photography, have adapted this “fly on the wall” style and try to be noticed as least as possible. However, there are times when we need to be more present and assertive, like during family formals, etc.

With our distinct commercial and design influences, we aren’t just shooting to document the day, we are also shooting in a way that we know will lend itself better to the design of the final products and wedding album.

This photojournalistic style allows us to shoot candidly in order to tell the story, in our own way.

Basic post-production consists of color correcting, tweaking exposure, straightening, cropping and making sure the photographs are of professional quality for printing. The stylizing of photographs is where the creative process is taken to another level. This is also how all of our images take on our signature style and brand. Each modern-day photographer has a style. The style here at slemak photography is one we’re very proud to have nurtured over the years.

While shooting, we have very specific visions in mind and in the final stages of production, this is when the photographs can really come to life! This can also be a defining factor when hiring a professional who is well versed not only in shooting, but also digital editing and stylizing.

As you can see just from looking through our site, all of our images are edited with the same kind of polish and magazine-worthy finish. The images will vary slightly in their color tones or brightness and this is mainly because every event or portrait session is different and lighting or environmental conditions will change based on the day.

There are aspects of every event that can influence the photographs and how they are ultimately processed on the computer. Whether there are very bright and bold color schemes on a sunny day, or more whimsical and muted tones on an overcast day, these are all factors that will effect how the final image will appear; however, you will notice that our work still looks consistent throughout. This is the result of our professional expertise with our camera gear and Photoshop tools as well as many years of perfecting our editing style.

Every event gets the same amount of time and attention (many many hours of post-production) when it comes to the processing and stylizing of the final product to make sure it looks cohesive.

It truly depends on the situation and the photographs being requested, but I do recommend a signed contract for all wedding events and specific event sessions since it is excellent business practice to have a formal agreement. Not only does it protect me, it also protects you, the client, and clarifies all agreed upon services. A sample contract can be provided upon request.

Absolutely. SLEMAK PHOTOGRAPHY participates in general liability, damage to rented premises, medial expenses, personal & advanced injury, general aggregate, and product coverage. A copy of the Certificate of Liability Insurance is available upon request by all clients and participating venues.

Approximately 50-75 images per hour with one photographer, depending on the event, venue, and number of participants. All images are yours COPYRIGHT FREE.


Please contact me by emailing me at or call me directly at (856) 975-0102 and let me know your interest.

I’ll walk you through the process and answer any and all questions you may have.


I love graphic design just as much as photography.

Contact me and we can discuss the project and determine an appropriate cost. No payment is due until the final product has been delivered. Check out my branding and logo designs under the PORTFOLIO section.

Last Update:  DECEMBER 2023