COVID Conundrum

Not many opportunities to capture images, but finding some opportunities around the house.

The New (Old) Look

Not only did my beloved Bucs get Brady and Gronk in what can be classified as the most significant sports news during the pandemic quarantine, but they also eliminated their most unique threads to revert back to their championship look while keeping the updated logo and wordmark. A very clean and appropriate look. While I for one had fingers crossed for a revert to the traditional orange/white/red, this is a strong look that keeps tradition at the core.

The Schedule

As everyone knows, I am an avid Bucs fan. Cherish the orange & raise the red. Much hype during this COVID19 infested media starved non-social time as Tampa pulls off the biggest trade in team history. Getting Tom Brady and putting all chips to the center of the table is not only risky, but also brilliant. No risk it no biscuit, eh? A starved franchise catapult themselves to being one of the most talked about teams on the NFL Network winning the off season. Season ticket sales soar. #12 jersey sales top of list. 5 prime time games. Let’s hope the “goat” can live up to this hype.

Each year I make my own schedule poster. This year’s photoshop/illustrator driven design features ILB #45 Devin White sporting the new (old) threads revealed a month ago.


Farmer Farming Farm

My house site up against the edge of a squash farm. I enjoy the Spring and Summer noises of the tractor equipment. Reminds me it isn’t Winter. 🙂

Launched the drone to capture some images.