Sad day indeed as our beloved Winnie-Pie crossed over the rainbow bridge. We knew it was her time and spent one final morning enjoying the grass and the sun. She was truly the puppy princess as she always demanded things and wouldn’t let up until she got it. Nick-named the “Widdle Whittler” as she would whittle down her rawhides vs devouring them. The only Labrador Retriever who refused to retrieve, well, anything. The only puppy dog who would rather lay in the sun than go for a swim. The only puppy dog who could gobble up an entire bowl of food but somehow leave the pills intact and untouched, no matter how hard we tried to hide them. She was always by our side and wanted to go wherever we went. When we thought our time with her was going to be cut short due to cancer, she survived surgery and gave us 5 more years of happiness. There will never be another pup like our Little Miss Winnie. Winola Argos Yaso Simone Lemak. Aug 28 2005 – Jun 20 2021.