On this Memorial Day we are thankful for the ultimate of sacrifices many have endured so we can enjoy this great nation of ours. This thought got me focused on our stars and stripes and what it represents… Then I started thinking…. What would a patriotic flag to signify slemak photography look like?

The first though was the measure of quality in today’s media world: The 5 star rating system. (1=poor; 2=below avg; 3=average; 4=good; 5=great)

Second, the colors of the USA flag would be used (it is patriotic after all). Red will signify valor and strength. White will represent courage. Blue will represent hard work, perseverance, and dedication… As well as the sky.

I like to think that slemak photography is of quality. 4 to 5 stars if you will. But I can never call my work great as that would mean there is nothing more to learn, nothing more to do, nothing more to strive for.

So for this flag, the valor and strength equates to 4 stars over top the courage to explore the artistic outlet.

The one white star on the clear blue sky will represent that dedication to obtain that 1 more star just out of reach.

slemak patriotic flag
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