The football gods were not kind to us with this year’s arrangement of games. Technically 5 away games in a row due to the London International Series “home” game. Travelling 20,000+ miles in a 7 week span and no Tampa location game for a very loooong time.

Each year I design a schedule poster to keep track of our progress. This year’s design: player composite with a grunge feel. Howard, Evans, Winston, David, Godwin, and the famous red flag.


Rainy Sunday

Macro Imaging & Focus Stacking

Macro photography in the lab today. Used the trusty 100mm Macro and the new Lensbaby Composer II w/ 50mm optic.

Photoshop never ceases to amaze me. With stacking scripts, layer alignment, and layer blending, combining multiple photos into one image is almost effortless.

This was a happy accident :)
The Basement Photo Lab