London Calling

Making The Trip Across The Pond

Bucs play in London this season as part of the NFL’s International Series. Several fans are making the trek across the pond to witness a “home” game versus the stinkin’ Panthers in October. For fun I made a design to represent the event and several folks felt it would make a great patch. Order is being made. Rock on.



The football gods were not kind to us with this year’s arrangement of games. Technically 5 away games in a row due to the London International Series “home” game. Travelling 20,000+ miles in a 7 week span and no Tampa location game for a very loooong time.

Each year I design a schedule poster to keep track of our progress. This year’s design: player composite with a grunge feel. Howard, Evans, Winston, David, Godwin, and the famous red flag.


Excellent pilgrimage to the home lands to witness live, instead of NFL Sunday Ticket, my glorious Bucs take on the stinkin’ Iggles.  It was clear to see that all Iggle fans in attendance were still hung over from their SB victory (kudos) and expecting an easy win against a perennial cellar dweller.  It was magical watching Tampa put up points while the Iggle faithful sweltered in the Florida sun.  A photo of the stadium taken the day after on Victory Monday.