Executive Retreat 2017

British Columbia, Canada

Every year our resident outdoors-man and generous CEO takes the executive team on a retreat for some company discussions and down time.  This year we traveled 3,000 miles to the middle of  secluded British Columbia, Canada (140 miles north of Vancouver) and set up camp on the north end of Chilko Lake in the Ts’yl-os Provincal Park.

The Tent-like Cabins On The Lake

Tour Guide Ashley

The Quickest Transportation In & Out – Yes that is a grass airstrip

View Of Mountains As We Traveled From & Back To Vancouver

Double Exposure Poster For The Office



2017 SEASON Prediction

Time to shift gears from my love of photography to my other hobby love of my life…  The Tampa Bay Buccaneers!

The moment I know all of you have been waiting for…  The slemak (aka Buctor1an) prediction for the 2017 Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

PREDICTION  10-6 (2nd Place NFC South – Wildcard Birth)
DEFENSE  Final Ranking 11
OFFENSE Final Ranking 9
WILDCARD The Run Game (+/- 2 wins)

For the past 2 years my motto has been “2017 Season Is The Reason”.  Why?  When you draft a franchise QB #1 overall you need to build around him.  This takes time.  This takes focus.

After 2 years of building… The time is now.

With an incredible off-season draft and free agency signings, along with continuity on the defensive side of the ball, I see our beloved Bucs back in the playoff race.

The biggest question mark?  The run game.  With Martin’s suspension for the first 3 games of the season, 3 winnable games mind you, if the Bucs don’t start stong and go 3-0, the entire season is in jeopardy as the schedule gets tremendously harder starting in week 4.

Another concern?  The edge pass rush.  We can’t ask McCoy to do it all in the middle and I hope the coaching staff isn’t thinking they are good at the edge since McCoy weill be double teamed allowing one-on-one on the outside.  We need speed and consistency to reek havoc on the QBs we face this year:  Newton, Breeze, Matty Ice, Manning, and that bastard Brady.  This is indeed the area that makes me reach for some antacids and that brown liquor bottle.

As I have stated before…  Being a fanatic doesn’t play nicely with reality but I feel I am being realistic and say this team is now ready to compete for playoff victories or, heck, even the division title, but with a division that ranks in the top 3 of the league, I see only a handful of plays that distinguish between a 7-9 and a 10-6 record.

My motto has officially changed from 2017 Season is the REASON to THE TIME IS NOW.