The Beastmaster

I Am Not

Tonight’s backyard guest… It never moved.  Gave me time to run in and get the camera.  It. Didn’t. Move. Once.  Just continued to stare.  Got me nervous enough so I made a hawk-like sound and flap my arms as I ran towards it. The Beastmaster I am not (80’s movie reference). It gave me a look over then slowly flew away.  In flight it looked back at me as if to say “I’ll be back” as we all know the terminator will just keep coming. (2nd 80s movie reference).

The Off-Season

Passing Time

Those that know me know I am a huge Bucs fan.  Have been since day 1 when I was a wee little lad in 1976, and will be till the end.  There is a movement taking shape this off-season known as the Stick Carriers.  Coach Koetter referenced the famous FDR quote “Speak Softly, and Carry a BIG Stick” in a post game locker room speech after a tremendous win late in the season last year.  Since then it has been the off-season battle cry of many die-hard faithful.  I leverage my design skills along with the Bucs current and old logos (as seen below each design), to create some Stick Carrier propaganda!  Can’t wait for the season to begin…



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