Each year a good friend and I host a Thanksgiving morning football event. One tradition I hold dearly as we started something back in 1996 that continues to this day. I have many many things to be thankful for, this is definitely one of them. When I am not on the field, I’m on the sideline capturing some images. Here are my favorite. For full game recap please visit the Turkey Bowl site by CLICKING HERE

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Patch Design

There is a community of die-hard Bucs fans (if you can believe it) that celebrate all things Buccaneers year-long. BUCPOWER.COM is powered by the one and only London resident, Paul Stewart. BucsLife Facebook group is powered by the mighty Scott Bradford. Forming the larger community and making the world a smaller place has come natural for this community. First with the London Invasion earlier this year, and now with the BucsLife BucPower union. Patches available soon.