Steve Lemak, MSIT

Executive Vice President, Information Technology
Enclara Health – A Humana, Inc. Company
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Steve’s professional career has focused on the successful application of technology in the health care industry and instructional academics.

Currently leading an 120-member technology department, consisting of developers, analysts, engineers, administrators, and contractors. The group provides critical support to the day-to-day IT requirements of Enclara Pharmacia and its customers. This includes working closely with the technology research and development teams to implement the company’s strategic initiatives via the proprietary medication therapy management application, nurse case management mobile technologies, medication management support center, and client-facing business analytics.

Steve joined Enclara Health (formerly excelleRx) in January 2001 as Business Application Analyst with a focus on mobile bed-side computing. Since 2002, he has held many leadership responsibilities to help support the significant growth of the business with a primary focus on implementing contact center and digital imaging technologies that supported the explosive growth. Mr. Lemak was promoted to SVP post merger with Enclara Health in Jan 2015 and then to EVP in Jan 2016.

Steve has 25 years of experience in the health care industry and academic instruction. As the founding member of the technology department for Archmere Academy in 1994, he was responsible for the implementation of the campus-wide network to satisfy both the business demands and the instructional academic environment. He was the school’s representative to the Delaware Independent Schools Computer Association. Prior to joining Enclara Pharmacia he served as IT Liaison for Christiana Care Health Services. There he was responsible for managing the technology needs for core medical departments of this 15,000 employee organization.

Steve earned his BS from the University of Delaware and earned his Masters from Philadelphia University. In his spare time Steve is an avid photographer.

In September 2013, Steve was nominated and won the corporate award for Integrity. Below is the nomination submission:

Core Value Award: Integrity
Nominee Provided Excellent Service To: Internal Customer(s)

Steve Lemak has kept the Information Technology (IT) department on course through many changes to priorities, customers’ needs, employees’ demands, and company strategic direction. Steve has communicated the priorities and has a great understanding of customers’ needs. He listens and responds with sensitivity and wisdom to the issues presented by employees, while always keeping an eye on the company’s strategies and holding the team members to an extreme high standard of productivity and quality.

This first half of 2013 has been a time of shifting tides in excelleRx. These changes are especially felt in IT through the reorganization of the department. Steve Lemak has worked through this time with a steady hand that exemplifies the concept of Integrity. He is true to himself, his team and the company’s goals. Steve, even facing the changes that have occurred, has acted with courage and the highest level of ethics, professionalism, fairness and honesty.

Bio Last Updated: May 2017